Wesołowski Studio


2020, Shiraz, Iran

Dimensions: first: 4,5 x 2,2 x 3,2 m; second: 3,5 x 2,2 x 3,2 m
Material: perforated metal sheet
Year of completion: 2020
Location: Shiraz, Iran
Circumstances of creation: First International Sculpture Symposium in Shiraz – Iran 2020
Artist: Piotr WESOŁOWSKI
Execution: Piotr WESOŁOWSKI

Concept, a brief description:

The installation pieces were inspired by search, community, family, movement, mobility, and migration. It is a geometrical metaphor for forced (refugees, migrants) or intentional (tourists, travelers) mobility of moving, searching, looking for a safe place to rest or a destination point. To emphasize this, sculpture gives the impression of being on the move, like it would not be slicked to the ground, as if it just stopped here for a moment. In keeping with the ideational dimension of the installation, the perforated covering plates suggest movement and lightness, despite their size.